As a local Naples car dealer, O’Brien Fort Myers Subaru, along with residents of Florida, cannot fully appreciate the coming of spring.  Thanks to Florida’s year-around enjoyable weather, residents never have to anxiously appreciate the passing of winter and the coming of spring.  However, as a Naples Subaru dealer, we’d like to show our compassion and support for fellow Subaru dealers to our north, who unfortunately don’t have the luxury of year-around nice weather.

Thus, we are bringing news to you of the power of flowers and how our freezing friends to the north put their cold weather blues to an end in anticipation of warmer temperatures by participating in the Philadelphia International Flower Show.  Subaru of America, Inc. has sponsored this wonderful “so-long” winter event for ten years now.  This year’s event took place this year from March 6th to March 13th at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

This year at the show, Subaru created three different displays with French characteristics to go along with the show’s overall theme of “Springtime in Paris.”  The first display featured a 2011 Subaru Outback – which Subaru markets as a great vehicle for hauling plants, new starts of flowers, seeds, mulch and dirt – in a truly Parisian park scene.  To start, a park bench begs passers-by to stop and people watch as the always shockingly obedient Parisian children and dogs play nearby.  An artist is also on hand painting the scene and Subaru dedicated the final artwork to an auction benefiting a Philadelphia-based greenery.  The scene is completed with the traditional topiary trees that go hand-in-hand with Parisian parks.

Another scene was inspired by French bistros and was set up as a Gardener’s Studio.  Gardening experts were on hand to teach attendants new gardening tips and Subaru owners were invited to present their car keys in order to receive a special gift.  Finally, Subaru placed a 2011 Outback vehicle in front of a picture of hot air balloons at a display detailing Subaru’s recent safety and environmental efforts.

So while our friends to the north wait for the weather to turn, we invite Florida residents to enjoy our lovely weather by visiting our Naples Subaru dealer lot and checking out Subaru’s lineup.  As a Naples car dealer, we at O’Brien Fort Myers Subaru are well known for our friendly staff, a staff that perfectly complements the always-sunny skies in Naples.