The excitement of buying a new vehicle can often cause even the most responsible among us to get caught up in the latest look of a new model or the latest trend in the automobile industry and ignore the importance of long-term performance.  Relying on a brand’s overall reputation can help, but even a well-respected brand can produce new models that are hot at first and then turn out to be a big dud.

Therefore, when buying a new vehicle it is important to think about more than just the first few months of cruising around in your new purchase.  This is why taking your business to a trusted dealership, like that of local Naples car dealer O’Brien Subaru, and purchasing a proven reliable vehicle like the Subaru Legacy, can save you lots of time, headaches and money in the future.

The Subaru Legacy was first created in 1989 and the Subaru brand is now celebrating its fifth generation of the sedan.  The latest design language of the Legacy available at the Naples car dealer was first introduced in 2009.  This design focused on pure comfort and joy of driving for both driver and passenger.  Thus, the interior of the Subaru is plush, with plenty of space and creature comforts.  The inclusion of these features makes the Subaru Legacy a great car for long drives.

Another feature of the Subaru Legacy vehicle available at your local Naples Subaru dealer that makes the model great for the long-term and the long drives that come over time is the vehicle’s engine.  As always, the Subaru uses a Boxer engine, which is known to provide an overall smoother ride, as well as offer the driver more control thanks to the engine’s uniquely arranged pistons.  The Subaru Boxer engine is available as a four cylinder or a six cylinder.  Just like all Subarus, the Legacy and its Boxer engine have a reputation of running forever.

So when you’re ready to think about the long-term, visit your local Naples Subaru dealer and test drive the Subaru Legacy.  We are pretty certain you’ll be so impressed with the look and feel of the vehicle, both inside and out, that you’ll want to drive the Subaru Legacy for the long-term.  Stop by O’Brien Subaru today.