In many places, January is a rough month. Cold, windy, snowy yet devoid of Christmas, it’s typically a challenge to get through. Unless you live in Florida. Or shop for cars there.

January was particularly sweet for O’Brien Ft. Myers Subaru this year as Subaru experienced a gain in sales of 21 percent over January of 2011. That equates to the sale of 22,807 units last month, far out-performing last year’s unit sales of 18,858.

As a Naples Subaru dealer that is proud of our vehicles’ performance, we’re just as thrilled for the future. With the Subaru Impreza leading a surge in January sales, the remainder of 2012 is expected to hold just as impressive figures in store. Last month, the Impreza sedan and five-door models grew in sales by 6,931, marking an increase over January 2011 of more than 100 percent.

If that’s not a strong start to the year, we don’t know what is! Several models contributed to the strong sales, demonstrating Subaru’s holistic presence in the market.

Other Subaru models that made an impressive mark on sales last month includ the Subaru Legacy (23-percent increase), Tribeca (15-percent increase) and Outback (6-percent increase). With numbers like these, it’s no surprise that 2012 marked the best ever January sales month for both the SIA-made Outback and Legacy models.

We at Subaru already had hundreds of reasons to have high hopes for 2012, and with January sales figures like these, we’re excited to see that we now have even more.