Thanks to an incredible effort from Subaru headquarters, local dealers like that of O’Brien Subaru, which serves as a do my homework accounting have felt little if any effects from the economic downturn that is still lingering some three years later.  In fact, although overall the auto industry has experienced some decline in sales due to the world’s current financial environment, Subaru has actually experienced continued growth over the last two to three years and continues to set sales records.  The company’s marketing campaign has been credited in part for this success, but then again it is much easier to market a product that is so great, it practically sells itself.

And with the line up of vehicles at your local Naples Subaru dealer, this is basically what happens.  Over the past few years, Subaru has focused its efforts on improving the creature comforts its vehicles offer, while still maintaining their rugged style and off-roading abilities.  Subaru vehicles have always enjoyed great reputations that spoke to their reliability.  They are and have always been well made vehicles and no one ever disputed that.  However, with the new updates – updates that have mainly occurred on the interior of these vehicles – Subaru models are now an appealing option to more than just the most outdoorsy and true minimalists among us.

As mentioned above, local Naples car dealer of the Subaru brand has enjoyed its selling success in part to the Subaru team’s impressive marketing efforts.  I maintain that it is easier to sell a product that is as well made and reliable as a Subaru, but the marketing team at Subaru America does deserve some credit as well.  Recent campaigns have centered around showing how much people love their Subaru vehicles.  The company has consistently poised their models as family cars, a position that holds very true in reality.  Thus, by tugging at our emotional side a bit, Subaru’s advertisements have continued to help increase their sales numbers, as well as win them numerous marketing awards.

Therefore, the next time you’re in the market for a new vehicle, or even just a used vehicle new to you, consider checking out the brand that kept selling cars while few of its competitors could.  Visit your local dealer today.