The Subaru brand of vehicles is one of those unique ones that somehow manages to stick to a unified aesthetic and brand feel while offering a lot of diverse options in its lineup. Whether you’re looking at a creative writing sparklebox or the zippy, you know that you’re getting something of quality and reliability. While those two factors are great, it doesn’t stop the automaker from having some fun and thinking outside the box every once in a while. That’s the case at the Tokyo Auto Salon with the impressive Subaru Viziv Performance STI concept.

The Tokyo Auto Salon is mostly an aftermarket show which features modded models and concepts. However, it’s a great chance to see what our favorite automaker is working on. Right now it’s the incredible Subaru Viziv Performance STI concept. The car features clean, cutting lines, bold squared off fenders, short overhangs, and a classic “STI” wing on the back.

So if this is just a concept then why is it noteworthy? Most likely because it’s really an early rendering of what the next-generation Subaru WRX STI will look like. It’s common for automakers to create visionary concept cars which are ultimately used as a creative jumping off point for new versions of existing models. And that’s likely, or hopefully, what we have here.

While the potential specs of the vehicle haven’t been shared, the look of it alone indicates that this concept and any ensuing production models will pack quite a punch on the road and cater to the more performance-minded Subaru fans.

While this is just a concept, there’s still plenty to love here at O’Brien Subaru of Fort Myers. Be sure to head down to 2850 Colonial Blvd., in Fort Myers, FL, to take a look at our amazing lineup of new Subaru models for sale.