As already know, there’s just something different about driving a Subaru. It goes beyond style and standard features and simply comes down to love.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about Subaru love, it’s that the best way to express it is on your sleeve. Literally!

Well, not literally. But almost.

For Subaru drivers, the best way to show your love is to obtain your very own Badge of Ownership. The Badge of Ownership is a unique opportunity to display exactly what you love to do in and outside of your Subaru vehicle and share it with other drivers on the road. Best of all, your Subaru Badge of Ownership is made for display right on your vehicle, so your message goes just as far as you do!

At its heart, the Badge of Ownership is also meant to demonstrate your Subaru loyalty through displaying exactly how many Subaru vehicles you have owned. You can add to your Badge of Ownership with unique lifestyle icons that reflect your personality and interests. Lifestyle badges include sports, camping, animals, cooking, diversity, photography, love itself and so much more.

The Subaru Badge of Ownership is fixed with an adhesive backing to keep it attached securely to your vehicle and is structured so that you can add on just as many lifestyle icons as you want!

At O’Brien Ft. Myers Subaru, we invite you to find the Badge of Ownership and lifestyle icons that suit you and your Subaru vehicle best. Better yet, stop by and show us why you love your Subaru or what you’re looking for in your next Subaru!