The Subaru WRX is a vehicle that’s hard to argue against. It’s very affordable, especially when you compare it to other vehicles that its performance capabilities stack up against, and even with it’s enticing performance, it still does well in the fuel economy department.

So for 2016, Subaru has decided to take a look at another aspect of the car to enhance it even more. The 2016 Subaru WRX will be a fun, powerful vehicle to drive, and now it will be fun and powerful to interact with, as its getting a technology makeover.

The current 2015 Subaru WRX has a base 2-liter V4 engine that outputs a very solid 268 horsepower. At the top trim, the Subaru WRX STI Launch Edition, the car practically achieves blast-off with a powerful V4, 2.6-liter engine that puts out 305 horsepower. So it’s no surprise that Subaru is ok with looking to upgrade some of the finer details of their car for 2016.

Buyers of the 2016 Subaru WRX will have the option to upgrade to a large and convenient 7.0-inch touchscreen as part of a technology package. But where things get really good is in what the infotainment unit can do. You’ll enjoy multi-touch gesture controls, SMS texting, an extra USB port, and even iTunes tagging.

Subaru has also been known to be a large proponent of safety, and we’re glad to see that area hasn’t been neglected. The new ‘EyeSight’ collision mitigation system helps to minimize any impact you might incur by applying the brakes for you. Furthermore Subaru has developed technology for better navigation, blind-sight detection, and lane change assistance.

We at O’Brien Fort Myers Subaru are excited for everything Subaru has in the works as well as current offerings, and we know you Subaru lovers in the Fort Myers area are too! So come on down to 2850 Colonial Blvd, for any and all of your Subaru needs today!