Here at, we want you to enjoy your Subaru model for a long time. While we love offering new 2018 Subaru models for sale, we also understand that not everyone is always looking to purchase a new car and instead, is looking for trusted vehicle maintenance. So we thought we would help current owners out by providing a few tips on how to care for one of your vehicle’s most important parts, the battery.

Battery maintenance is an integral part of ensuring that your car is not only running smoothly but that it’s running properly. Caring for your car’s battery will increase its lifespan, but it can also help you prevent a roadside assistance call.

One of the easiest things to do is to store your car in a temperature controlled garage as much as possible. While we understand that it’s not always possible, keeping it from extreme temperatures, such as our Florida summer heat, will ensure that it doesn’t wear down too quickly. Another easy way to care for your battery is by keeping it clean. Over time your battery will build up dirt, grease, and oxidation, all of which can affect how well your battery is working by weakening its charge. Be sure to remove the clamps before cleaning.

If you find that your battery’s charge is a little low, you don’t necessarily need a replacement. You can use a solar charger to recharge your battery. However, you can tell if it is time to creative writing prompts for groups if your engine is slow to start or sluggish or if your battery’s fluid is low. Most batteries have a translucent area where you can see the fluid levels. Another indication that it’s time to replace the battery is if your casing is swollen or bloated. This happens if your battery is exposed to too much heat.

When it is time to replace the battery on your Subaru model, visit us at our Subaru service center. Our expert technicians can replace your battery quickly and efficiently, getting you back on the road in no time at all.