At creative writing the secret door, we take our work very seriously. Whether that’s done through assisting local drivers with selecting their future cars, establishing financial assistance programs or setting and completing service appointments, we are proud to put our work behind our highest values, and we hope you have the opportunity to work alongside us.

But some parts of our job are just plain fun. For example: breaking records.

That’s what happened with July car sales, when Subaru of America, Inc., achieved 35,944 unit sales – a 43-percent increase over July of last year. In addition, three Subaru models saw their best July sales ever: the Outback, Impreza and Forester. The models saw 23-, 12- and 52-percent sales increases, respectively.

Adding to the fun is the fact that year-to-date sales for the brand are also on the rise, totaling a 27-percent increase to 240,591 units. Figures like these keep the brand on a five-year sweep of sales increases, and at O’Brien Ft. Myers Subaru, we love cheering on the brand through its record-setting achievements. Sales figures for the year also indicate that 400,000 unit sales for 2013 remain well within the brand’s reach.

But the most fun of all is celebrating our accomplishments with the drivers who make all of them possible. So, if you’re a Ft. Myers Outback driver who loves to see the brand succeed, then we invite you to join us as we set the bar for setting a record. Finally, we want to thank our drivers for helping the brand achieve outstanding sales for the month and the year on top of setting a strong foundation for the future of the brand.