For a lot of drivers, a complete knowledge and understanding of how your car operates and functions is something that might be a bit of a mystery. That’s not to say that the average driver doesn’t know anything, we think you know a lot. But did you know that when you take your new out for a spin that it’s driving on the same type of engine that all Subaru vehicles have for the last 50 years?

At O’Brien Subaru of Fort Myers, we take the time to learn all the ins and outs of our new and used Subaru lineup. Because when you come in looking for a new 2016 Subaru model or a Certified Pre-Owned Subaru, you want to feel confident that we, as your  local Subaru dealership, know what we’re talking about. 

As a Subaru lover, you probably know a fair amount about your favorite brand of vehicle. When we think of a Subaru we often think of all-wheel drive wagons, hatchbacks, and rally cars that are simultaneously capable of taking you off-road while keeping you extremely safe. And year after year Subaru models have performed beyond our expectations in nearly every aspect. 

That performance is in part due to the fact that a Subaru runs on an iconic “boxer” engine that has contributed greatly to setting the vehicle apart from competitors for generations. This year, Subaru celebrates the 50th anniversary of the horizontally opposed boxer engine that has powered our favorite vehicle from the start. The engine was dubbed “boxer” because its piston action resembles the punching motions of two opposing boxers in the ring.

For 50 years, vehicles like the 2016 Subaru WRX have been packing quite the punch. Unlike a more traditional V-configuration engine, the boxer engine places the pistons and crankshaft on a flat, horizontal plane. Then the pistons work to cancel out each other’s force, resulting in less engine vibration and creating a more stable internal balance. Furthermore, the boxer engine works well with the Subaru all-wheel drive design, offering you the best ride possible. 

So when you’re looking for that next Subaru, know that you’ll be riding on 50 years of tradition!