For creative writing for grade 1 and 2, the safety of our consumers is our highest priority. While we often work directly with drivers, we know that they’re not always alone in the vehicle, and we want to help drivers ensure that everyone is as safe as possible, from first graders to furry friends.

That’s why we’re happy to share the results of a collaborative study between the Center for Pet Safety (CPS) and Subaru of America, Inc., which examined the effectiveness of pet harnesses that have been marketed with safety claims. The result: the 2013 Top Performing Harness is

Designed by CPS, the study simulated child safety product crash test measurements. Unfortunately, CPS and Subaru saw several of the market’s most popular pet restraints display serious flaws and even, in some cases, fail. Study results will be applied to the development of the industry’s first harness safety standard as well as test protocols to be administered as guidelines within the pet products industry.

Independent National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) contracted testing laboratory MGA Research Corporation conducted crash tests on a range of pet safety harnesses using specially designed crash test dogs. The realistic participants, developed by CPS, included a 45-pound border collie, a 25-pound terrier mix and a 75-pound golden retriever.

To date, neither performance standards nor test protocols exist for pet travel products in the United States. Although pet car restraint manufacturers often market product testing measures, a lack of uniform test standards and protocols mean that safety claims have so far been unsubstantiated.

The study conducted by Subaru and CPS is intended to provide consumers access to independently tested pet safety products to ensure that all Subaru passengers are kept as safe as possible. CPS is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit research and advocacy organization focused on companion animal and consumer safety.

It is our hope that these survey results will help drivers in Cape Coral and their 2013 Subaru Impreza passengers safely harnessed. Visit us for more details!