If there’s one car company that stands out as a leader among charitable organizations, it’s Subaru. Fort Meyers Legacy drivers already knew this because they’ve participated in the “Share the Love” campaign and helped to raise over $4.6 million for deserving charities. Subaru and your area Naples car dealer O’Brien Ft. Myers Subaru have been showing their benevolence for years and their efforts range from actions to protect the environment to scholarship programs for children of employees.

Considering this history of generosity, Subaru’s latest act of altruism should come as no surprise – they’ve joined the “San Francisco Hep B Free” citywide campaign. This campaign is truly unprecedented and has set out to screen and vaccinate all Asian and Pacific Islander adults in the San Francisco Bay area for hepatitis B. To accomplish this, they are providing the free and low-cost tests and vaccinations.

As for Subaru’s role in the partnership, Todd Lawrence, promotions manager of Subaru of America, says “Subaru is committed to helping educate the community and increase awareness through the Hep B Free movement” so Subaru will be displaying a specially decorated 2010 Subaru Legacy at events throughout the city. The Ft. Myers Legacy was redesigned and detailed with artwork promoting the campaign theme, “B a Hero,” and will direct the public to the website www.sfhepbfree.org. The “Hep B Mobile” will not only bring awareness to the disease and help the community become more informed, but will also help the cause of celebrating the rich culture of this community.

The campaign reaches out to Asian and Pacific Islander community in particular because they have the highest risk of hepatitis B of any ethnic group. What’s interesting is that this is not Subaru’s first connection with this particular culture or region. They began to support the Asian market in the San Francisco Bay area over six years ago with the introduction of in-language and in-culture advertising to the community.

The Naples car dealer O’Brien Ft. Myers Subaru is proud of the efforts made by Subaru when it comes to charitable work. To learn more about what the car company is doing, stop in and visit O’Brien Ft. Myers Subaru today!