At, there are plenty of reasons for us to believe that we have nothing short of the best job ever. But coming out of August 2013 sales, we have one more.

That’s because Subaru of America, Inc., has announced 41,061 unit sales for the month, marking a 45-percent increase over the same month last year and the brand’s best sales month in company history. Year to date, the brand has seen a 29-percent jump in sales to 281,652 units. With numbers like these on hand, the automaker is currently slated to earn its fifth-straight year of sales increases.

We’re proud to see the performance of our vehicles across the board, but the leading models last month were the Subaru Impreza and Subaru BRZ, which hit 6,784 and 868 units, respectively, as well as the Subaru Forester, which saw 13,163 unit sales. These numbers landed the brand at record-high August sales for the Impreza and BRZ models on top of earning Subaru its best-ever sales month for the Forester.

Particularly exciting for the brand is the fact that more than half of 2013 vehicle sales have gone to drivers who are new to the Subaru brand. If you’re new to the brand, too, and you want to see why August sales were so outstanding, then we invite you to test drive the help annotated bibliography dealership! Or, if it’s the Subaru Legacy or Subaru XV Crosstrek model you’re interested in, just let us know and we’ll get you behind the wheel!

We are eager to welcome you to our family this September, so don’t hesitate to stop in. We’re sure that becoming the owner of a Subaru model will help you enjoy your best month ever, too.