What does it take to be the best? Certainly it’s not an honor that happens overnight. Instead, this designation is the product of a consistent dedication to quality and a commitment to excellence. Speaking of excellence, Yahoo! Autos recently unveiled its list detailing the top automotive vehicles by category.

Sitting atop the mound as the best small SUV is none other than the Subaru Forester. In Ft. Myers, Subaru Forester owners undoubtedly realize the superior quality on which their vehicle was created.

The Yahoo! top picks represent the best all-around models in their categories, based on performance, reliability, and safety. The winners were selected from a pool containing more than 280 vehicles the website has recently reviewed and tested.

If that’s the case, throughout Fort Myers, used Forester models are poised to become a hot commodity. Like the other candidates, the Forester was evaluated by Yahoo! in three areas: road test, reliability, and safety.

For the road test, vehicles had to rank near the top of their category in the website’s overall test score, which was composed of more than 50 evaluations. They had to have an above average reliability rating, based on findings from the latest Yahoo! Annual Auto Survey. Lastly, winners must have performed adequately in overall safety testing by the government or the insurance industry.

In Ft. Myers, Subaru Forester drivers would certainly agree with the results, especially since the Forester boasts impressive credentials. Despite its SUV title, the Forester delivers an unmistakable car-like driving experience. Passengers agree, the car’s spacious cabin, comfortable rear seats, and excellent visibility ensure drivers aren’t the only ones who benefit.

Under the hood, the Forester continues to impress. The 2.5X provides 170 horsepower with 22 miles per gallon, meaning even the environment has a reason to love it. Additionally, the miles per gallon rating increases to 24 with manual transmission. Regardless, both 2.5X varieties boast equally exceptional reliability, due in part to the Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system.

In Fort Myers, used Forester models are available at the local dealership. After all this praise, the Forester will practically sell itself.