Some car companies believe that in order to be successful, you just need to find one particular niche and be the best-in-class in that specific role. Unfortunately for these car companies, they can get tunnel-vision by focusing on just this one arena and then ignoring other crucial factors. Subaru is not one of these car companies because they are outstanding in numerous areas. Among other things, they are known for doing well in the used market, for their use of all-wheel drive, for their unbeatable fuel economy, for their performance in the small car market, and perhaps most importantly, for their safety.

All of their vehicles, including the, perform very highly when it comes to safety and crash tests. The Ft. Myers Legacy has earned countless awards and was recently named Japan’s safest car for the third straight year by Japan’s New Car Assessment Program (JNCAP), which is a leading new car crash worthiness assessment agency. The JNCAP tested the Legacy’s safety for drivers and passengers in a crash as well as its head protection for pedestrians and found the sedan to be superior to all others. This is not the only agency to recognize the Legacy’s safety as the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety in the United States named the Ft. Myers Legacy the “Top Safety Pick.” I’m beginning to see a trend here!

Aside from safety, Subaru is also tapping into automotive trends as a way to increase sales. One such trend is “consumer downsizing.” If you haven’t heard the term, it describes car buyers searching for smaller, more efficient cars to replace the gas guzzlers of the past. Subaru is greatly benefiting from this trend thanks in part to their recent introduction of a continuously variable transmission (CVT). This allows for better mileage ratings across most models and contributes to near best-in-class efficiency.

All of Subaru’s efforts are paying off and their sales are up 40% from last year. In the first quarter of 2010 alone, the car company sold 57,494 vehicles – that’s a three-month all-time sales record for Subaru! Beyond that, they’ve seen sales gains in eight of the past ten months. The numbers don’t lie and it’s safe to say they’ve found the perfect formula for success – efficiency, resale value, safety, and positive vehicle reviews. To learn more, stop in to the dealer today!