Maybe you’ve seen one of Subaru’s recent “Get more G’s” commercials that have been airing recently in Ft. Myers.  Subaru Outbacks and Foresters, some of the Japanese company’s more mainstream offerings, are nowhere to be found.  Instead, this latest campaign is advertising for the Impreza WRX and WRX STI, Subaru’s high performance models.

What’s interesting about the commercials is the spots don’t use any seaside cliffs, winding roads, or wide shots of the Great American West.  No, the creative forces behind these new Subaru ads have apparently looked to amusement park aesthetics (you know, the camera stationed just as the car falls into the biggest drop) for the look and feel of their commercials, as each commercial consists of an in-car camera showing a random passenger getting bucked and swayed through a heavily obstacled lot by X-Gamer Dave Mirra.  Have we lost you yet, Ft. Myers Legacy drivers?  All in all, it is admittedly a bit extreme.

But the point of these commercials is not to show how the WRX drives—although the interior shots of the passengers howling seem to suggest the Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive handles tight corners just fine—but rather how the passengers, meaning you, will react to how the WRX drives.  It’s quite a concept, as most viewers have become numbed to glamor shots of cars going around the bend.  Those are all well and nice, but what’s it like to actually be inside of a high performance machine like the Impreza WRX or WRX STI?  These commercials put you there firsthand.

And if these commercials are any indication—hair standing up on the backs of necks, white knuckles—it will be a quite different experience from going for a leisurely drive through St. Petersburg or Ft. Myers.  Subaru Outback owners even, that rugged off-roading bunch, may have to even sit back and strap it down as the WRX appears as though it really does “get more G’s.”  Ft. Myers Legacy owners, make sure to pack some Dramamine if Dave Mirra shows up and wants to take you for a spin in a WRX.

For the 2011 WRX’s features, one of its updates is the wide-body look that used to only be available on the WRX STI model, Subaru’s performance flagship model.  The WRX is boosted by its 265-horsepowered turbocharged 2.5-liter 4 cylinder SUBARU BOXER engine.  Subaru is making a push for their performance machines and the “Get more G’s” campaign is making an extreme statement.