We always knew that Subaru offers drivers all they will ever need while on the road, but we’re even more excited that Subaru is now truly offering drivers everything. That is, the automaker has just launched the “Subaru Guide to Everything,” an interactive social guidebook, in conjunction with Lonely Planet.

Pushed out as a Facebook tab and mobile application, the Subaru Guide to Everything enables drivers to share their top sites and activities. And when Subaru says “everything,” they mean it. Fans and owners of Subaru vehicles are invited to post on campsites, restaurants, bike trails, dog parks, hiking spots and more!

The Guide currently houses 250 reviews that are exclusively related to Subaru topics and will be updated in real time as drivers share out their unique experiences with a community of fans. With the aim of harnessing the adventurous spirit that defines Subaru drivers, the automaker has announced that the launch of the Guide is anticipated to develop into a leading social guidebook. However far away from magic money cards creative writing takes you, the Subaru Guide to Everything will be there, and there will be a number of fellow Subaru fans who can’t wait to see what you’re up to!

One thing is for sure: assignment homework help will be following you on your journeys, and we’re excited to be the automaker to help you get started. Stop in today for a test drive so you can begin telling your story on the Subaru Guide to Everything!