Subaru InfotainmentIt’s great when an automaker has a pulse on who its demographic is. Here at O’Brien Subaru of Fort Myers, we love everything about our used and new Subaru vehicles for sale from the fun dog-centric commercials to the latest safety features to the infotainment system updates.

Subaru technology has plenty of practical applications that make our everyday commutes a little more entertaining and a whole lot safer. Thanks to the Subaru EyeSight technology suite, we get peace of mind with features that help us stay in the correct lane, avoid collisions, and see everything around us, whether we’re in a 2017 Subaru Outback or a new 2017 Subaru Impreza

Now, with a new update to the infotainment center, we can—not only get peace of mind—we can experience some peaceful mindfulness. That’s because the new update allows drivers to better track bird sightings from behind the wheel.

Here in Fort Myers and the greater Naples, FL areas we get a lot of different types of birds, especially during these winter months. And if you’re at all into bird watching, you can now do so while on the road. Subaru drivers can access information from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology through the eBird app to get info on sightings and even get lessons from an interactive coach who will help you find where birds are. 

Here at O’Brien Subaru of Fort Myers, we are excited to show off the new features of Subaru cars. So if you’re interested in checking out this all-new feature as well as our inventory of 2017 Subaru models, make sure you talk to our Fort Myers, FL Subaru dealers. We’ll be happy to assist you with any of your Subaru car needs at our dealership. We look forward to working with you!