We may be in the business of cars, but recently we’ve gotten into goats too. But we’re not talking about the animal here – rather, it’s an acronym. We mean GOAT, which stands for Greatest Of All Time, and that’s what we achieved just last month.

That’s because Subaru of America, Inc., has already exceeded its previous annual sales record, and we still have two months left in the year! That also means that as of last month, Subaru had broken its all-time sales record of 266,989 units, and at palm sunday primary homework help, we couldn’t think of anything greater.

Breaking last year’s sales record shows equally great signs of improvement, because the brand has seen five consecutive years of sales growth and four consecutive sales record increases. As the year comes to a close, Subaru expects to see total sales of 320,000 vehicles.

So who contributed to the high sales figures in best linkedin profile writing service loves made great strides, while the XV Crosstrek and BRZ helped as well.

But our outstanding vehicles are only part of the equation. The success of the Subaru brand also comes from supportive dealerships and customer service, and if you haven’t experienced this yet, we invite you to visit us at O’Brien Subaru to see why our brand’s progress is so great.

As for us, we’re already looking ahead to 2013, when we can only expect the great things about Subaru to become even greater. After all, next year we’ll be looking at new models in our lineup and a full year of sales under the belt of the XV Crosstrek, which, as far as we’re concerned, is a recipe for success.