Often when car dealerships think about how to share their inventory with the community, the focus is all about the driver. At she's doing her homework, the safety and happiness of our drivers is certainly a prime concern, but we understand that you’re not always alone in your Subaru. That’s why we do what we can as an automaker to ensure that your vehicle is strong enough and safe enough to be trusted with your most precious cargo: your friends and family.

And pets. Now, Subaru is taking special measures to test pet car safety restraints for owners’ peace of mind through a partnership with the Center for Pet Safety, a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit research organization and pet-safety advocate. To date, no testing or performance standards have been determined for pet travel products, but Subaru is ready to change that. They’re teaming up with the Center for Pet Safety to establish standards for testing restraints while reporting to the public those pet restraints that currently shape up the best.

An existing Center for Pet Safety pilot study (that featured crash test dogs and not live animals) has found that a majority of pet safety restraints are not adequately able to protect pets in the event of a crash. By partnering with the organization and creating groundbreaking research, Subaru plans to improve the future for pets that have the great luck of taking a ride with their owners.

If you’d like to learn more about what you can do to protect your furry friends in your vehicle, visit your local mental asylum creative writing and surrounding areas. We’re happy to have your support as we join the Center for Pet Safety in conducting research that will directly affect your driving experience and the safety of all members of your family.