Interested in learning more about proposal writer cover letter? As the owner of a Subaru vehicle, learning about how different Subaru parts work can help you maintain your vehicle for years to come.

Learn all about the roles of different Subaru parts, like engine cylinders, here at O’Brien Subaru of Fort Myers.

What are Engine Cylinders? 

A car engine consists of many moving parts, and some of those happen to be cylinders. The number of cylinders in an engine will vary depending on the make and model.

For example, a four-cylinder engine will have four separate cylinders, while a six-cylinder engine will have six. The more cylinders that are in an engine, the more powerful your vehicle will be. 

What Do Engine Cylinders Do? 

Each engine cylinder is responsible for powering your engine. Pistons inside of the cylinders create a fuel injection that forces both air and fuel into your vehicle’s engine.

Essentially, these are a series of small, controlled explosions that force the pistons down the cylinder, which creates the force that powers your engine. 

Three Types of Cylinders

  • Inline engines. Perhaps the most common layout, inline engines are usually found in SUVs and sedans. The term “inline” indicates that all cylinders are positioned side-by-side and upright in one line, which makes for a compact and efficient engine.
  • V engines. Like the name implies, these cylinders are laid out in a “V” shape. This allows for more cylinders to fit inside the engine and is why “V” engines are often found in high-performance vehicles.
  • BOXER® or flat engines. Definitely the rarest type of engine, this layout contains cylinders that are laid out horizontally. All Subaru vehicles are equipped with the iconic BOXER® engine.

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