Zero Landfill Status–it’s certainly not a title bestowed upon many. However, in 2004, Subaru of Indiana became the first United States manufacturing facility to achieve this designation. By comparison, most of us have catching up to do. In fact, next trash collection day, the average person will contribute more waste to landfills than the entire Subaru manufacturing plant will the entire year.

What exactly is Zero Landfill Status? How does it benefit customers at your local Ft. Myers Subaru dealer?

The designation indicates that nothing from Subaru’s manufacturing efforts goes into a landfill. Everything is reused and recycled. Specifically, the automaker recycles 99.3% of its leftover steal, plastic, wood, paper, glass, and other materials. The remaining 0.7% is shipped off and incinerated to help generate steam. This practice allows Subaru to minimize its carbon footprint, which benefits many future generations.

The impressive conversation is all part of Subaru’s green mission. Customers at a neighborhood Naples car dealer can be assured Subaru understands its responsibility to the environment. The automaker treats the planet with the same consideration it extends to customers, employees, and society at large.

Rather than simply uphold governmental regulations, Subaru strives to maintain the greenest manufacturing processes possible. In addition, the automaker is always increasing employee awareness and commitment to its environmental mission.

As employees at your Ft. Myers Subaru dealer recall, Subaru has an impressive pedigree of respect for the planet. Beginning in 1994, Subaru of Indiana became the first smoke-free assembly plant in the United States.

In 2003, it was the first U.S. automotive assembly facility to be designated a wildlife habitat, allowing animals like deer, coyotes, beavers, blue herons, and geese to live in coexistence with the manufacturing plant.

Recently as 2006, Subaru of Indiana was awarded the U.S. EPA’s Gold Achievement Award as a top achiever in its WasteWise program to reduce waste and improve recycling. With such a strong history in environmental awareness, Subaru is expecting an even stronger future. So customers at a Naples car dealer looking to support a waste-conscious automaker might be wise to consider Subaru.