With programs like the Subaru Pet Hall of Fame, it’s easy for us at macbeth order and disorder essay to be proud members of the Subaru family. That’s because we know that your pets are like family, so sharing their stories is just as important as sharing our own.

That’s why Subaru requested photos, videos and stories of your pets for a contest known as the Subaru Pet Hall of Fame. And after what must have been a nearly impossible task, a winner was chosen. Drumroll, please! The grand prize went to JJ, a 5-year-old Golden Retriever who serves as a Therapy, Hospice and Crisis Response dog. What a pup! JJ works three days a week at an inpatient hospice facility, providing comfort to everyone involved, while also acting as a Crisis Response K9 in times of chaos and disaster.

But even JJ gets to play sometimes, and when she does, she likes to explore the outdoors. According to her owner, she gets there in style, via a Subaru Outback. It’s perfect for adventures, thanks to its cargo space, fuel efficiency and 8.7 inches of ground clearance.

Sure, that 8.7 is an important number to us at Subaru, but numbers like 11 million and 10,000 are far more important. That’s because 11 million is how many dollars Subaru has donated to the ASPCA since 2008, and 10,000 is the number of animal lives positively impacted by these gifts. During 2014 alone, as part of Subaru’s “Share the Love,” 118 events were held nationwide that resulted in nearly 2,000 pet adoptions.

And remember, you can help continue to Share the Love through Subaru’s annual event that runs until Jan. 2, 2016. For every new Subaru vehicle bought or leased since Nov. 19 and until Jan. 2, Subaru will donate $250 to charity. Certainly Subaru will be giving a nice chunk of that to its national charity, the ASPCA. You can call that inspiration from the selfless and generous nature of JJ, or you can simply call it doing the right thing. Whatever it is, we thank you for your support. We’re proud to be your Ft. Myers Subaru dealer.