Subaru automakers are making moves these days. At the 2019 Chicago Auto Show, we got to see the enticing 2020 Subaru Legacy with its stylish and tech-filled interior. The automaker isn’t taking a break between the Chicago Auto Show and the upcoming Geneva Motor Show, though, which happens in March.

On Tuesday, our favorite automaker here at O’Brien Subaru of Fort Myers announced its plan to release the next Subaru Viziv concept at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show.


The latest concept model is called the Subaru Viziv Adrenaline, and while all we have to go on right now is a shadowy teaser image that outlines the vehicle, it’s looking like it might be a sporty crossover. The name certainly suggests that this concept aims to be more performance-based than other Subaru Viziv concepts, which often feature more luxury.


The photo doesn’t give us much, but from what we can see, it looks like the automaker is working to implement advanced technology into the Subaru Viziv Adrenaline. It’s suggested that it features a high ground clearance, lacks traditional door mirrors, and has cutouts in the hood.


While concepts rarely make it from the auto shows to production to our lot here in here Fort Myers, FL, many elements from various concept cars become production parts for existing models. This practice is evident in the new 2020 Subaru Legacy with its large, tablet-style infotainment screen.

Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until March to get a full look at what is sure to be the stunning Subaru Viziv Adrenaline. Our guess right now is that it’s in size to the 2019 Subaru Forester, meaning we may see some adrenaline implemented into future Subaru Forester models. For all your existing Subaru model needs like Subaru service, stop by today.