Station wagon. Radio Flyer wagon. Bandwagon. All of these vehicles are sure to call to mind a certain image, but what if that image needed an upgrade?


Unfortunately, we can’t promise much in terms of Radio Flyer wagons or bandwagons, but Fort Myers Subaru dealerships are hoping to introduce car shoppers to a new kind of wagon – one that they could never have pictured before.

It’s called the Advanced Tourer, and its concept model (ATC) takes wagon to a whole new level. Dubbed a sports wagon, the ATC surpasses Subaru’s accomplishments on the WRX and STI models. While Naples car dealers have always been able to offer impressive sports wagons to its drivers, the ATC offers more than Subaru drivers have ever seen from the automaker. In fact, Subaru believes that he model points to its future in the sport wagon market, and if that’s the case, then the future is certainly bright for Subaru.

You can see the ATC’s promise just by taking a long look at its slab-sided fenders in the front and LED lights – a stylish makeup, especially for a wagon. Fort Myers Subaru dealership O’Brien Subaru is quick to point out the beauty of the machine in its glass roof, which welcomes plenty of natural light to twinkle on the vehicle’s assortment of wood and metal interior finishes.

The ATC is especially driver friendly, with all-wheel drive and a steering wheel monitor that allows for cruise control, audio and climate adjustment as well as access to maps, Internet and TV. Even better, though, it’s sure to get you there. That’s because there’s a 1.6-liter, turbocharged, direct-injection engine pushing it along its route.

As a concept model, the ATC leaves plenty to ponder. Subaru tells Naples car dealers that the vehicle is expected to amp fuel economy by as much as 50 percent.

So when will we see it? Rumor has it that the ATC could be a preview future generations of WRX and STI models. If nothing else, we’re sure that future Subarus will boast the best of the ATC. What might those models be? We’ll just have to wait and see what Subaru has in store.