The beauty of a Subaru model is that its distinctive in a way that immediately shows off its personality. The reason that Subaru cars feel different from so many other brands is that they have a unique ethos. It’s one that promotes adventure, inclusiveness, and best practices. As your Fort Myers, FL Subaru dealer, we believe in promoting this ethos, through what we offer and, more importantly, how we offer it.

Shopping for a new car can be equally exciting as it is stressful. We believe it should be the former so we’re covering some by getting to the truth of them so you can shop with confidence.

At O’Brien Subaru of Fort Myers, we aim to be transparent in how we handle our side of the car-buying process, so our first myth is a popular one. When one of our sales staff is working out a deal with you and has to talk to the manager about a price, it’s not a trick. Specific guidelines dictate how much we can discount a car. If an offer is outside those guidelines, we need approval. The manufacturer sets parameters we have to follow. That’s why a 2019 Subaru Ascent won’t be discounted as much as a 2012 Subaru Outback.

Another popular car-buying myth is that we’ll inflate the price of a new car if we know you plan to lease or trade-in. That’s not the case, and we provide resources on our site to help you with both like a KBB trade-in calculator and Subaru lease specials.

Finally, there’s the myth that you need to buy the car now or the deal goes away. While we can’t keep a deal forever, we’ll never pressure to make a quick decision for fear of losing out. We want you to find the right car for you when it works for you.

With everything that goes into car shopping, we want shoppers in the Bonita Springs, FL area to feel confident. We encourage you to do your own research and explore our site for information, so when you come in for a test drive, we can best serve you.