Few things ruin a trip, whether you’re driving home from work in the Fort Myers, FL area or you’re out on an adventure, like a flat tire. No matter what you drive, whether it’s a new 2019 Subaru Outback or not, every vehicle is subject to getting a flat.

As your Fort Myers Subaru dealership, we want you to be prepared should you need to change a flat tire. So, we’re providing a quick guide on what to do when you get a flat.


The first thing you’ll need to do is pull over to the side of the road or somewhere safe, preferably on a flat surface. Because you’ll need to jack up your car, it’s essential that you park on flat land. Next, put your car in park, turn on your hazards, and engage the emergency brake.


Now that you’re out of any traffic it’s time to locate your spare tire and tools. Spare tires are often stored under the floor mat in the trunk, on the back of a vehicle, or underneath. If you are unsure where your spare is, consult your owners manual. The manual will also tell you where to find your tire iron and tire jack, both of which you will need.


Begin removing the flat tire by rotating the wheel lugs counterclockwise with your tire iron. The wheel lugs are likely securely attached and will require some effort to come loose. Don’t remove the lugs altogether, however.


Once loosened, it’s time to raise the car using your tire jack. After you have the flat off the ground, completely remove it and replace it with your spare tire, aligning it with the wheel studs. Tighten the lugs by hand until you can’t anymore before lowering the car and removing the jack. Then finish tightening with the tire iron.

Finally, visit our Fort Myers Subaru service center as soon as possible. You shouldn’t drive long distances on your spare tire so it’s imperative you get a new tire properly replaced as soon as you can.