We love our http://fieldscdjrblog.com/good-thesis-statement-writer/ here at O’Brien Subaru of Fort Myers. However, no matter how great all our available Subaru models are, they all have one thing in common that every driver deals with: they need gas.

Saving gas is a common interest of car drivers, and there are several things you can do to achieve a better fuel economy and spend less time at the pump. Here at O’Brien Subaru of Fort Myers, we’re sharing some simple tips to help you save some gas.

One of the most simple and often overlooked things you can do to conserve gas consumption is by taking everything out of your car that you don’t need. We’re not talking about parts, though, we’re talking about items like your golf clubs. Extra items in your car add more weight and cause your engine to work harder, thus resulting in more fuel consumption.

Jackrabbit starts and excessive acceleration also consume more fuel. For optimum gas mileage, it’s best to accelerate at a normal pace and drive at a lower speed in your top gear as much as possible, for many cars it’s around 40 to 55 mph.

When traveling at high speeds, it’s best to keep the windows closed. Open windows cause excess airflow at high speeds and result in more drag, causing your engine to work harder and consume more fuel. It’s also helpful to limit your use of AC whenever possible. Roof racks also decrease the aerodynamics of your vehicle, so take them off when not in use.

Tire pressure also affects your fuel economy, properly inflated tires give you the best fuel economy, so it’s a good idea to check your tire pressure every few weeks.

As always, feel free to visit us today for any Subaru service and parts, like new tires.