If you’re like me and you pay attention to car news, then you may know that rumors surrounding Subaru’s two door sports coupe, dubbed the 216A, are in no short supply. From the car’s design to the possibility of a turbocharged engine, the Toyota FT-86 variant has everyone talking. Foremost among the buzz is that it will be larger, heavier, and more powerful than its Toyota cousin and being a Subaru it was initially assumed that the sports coupe would come with all-wheel drive. However, my Naples Subaru dealer shared with me that the more recent reports indicate that the FT-86 variant will be fitted with rear-wheel drive instead and they are confident this is a wise decision.

Rear-wheel drive may seem a surprising twist that loyal Subaru customers might not expect since the car company is known for their use of all-wheel drive. The exact reason for rear-wheel drive is not clear but some rumors hint that spiraling development costs may be a factor in the decision. Although real-wheel drive may be unexpected, the Naples Subaru dealer assures me they see it as a positive move because it will keep costs down and leave more money in customers’ pockets. They also want to remind Subaru drivers that all-wheel drive does not define a Subaru. The car company’s motto is “Love. It’s what makes a Subaru a Subaru” and O’Brien Ft. Myers Subaru knows the FT-86 variant will be made with a lot of love and will still impress drivers.

Although some critics claim that with no all-wheel drive the Subaru 216A won’t be able to stand apart from its Toyota counterpart, the Naples car dealer, O’Brien Ft. Myers Subaru, says otherwise. In fact, the dealers are certain that the Japanese automaker will give the FT-86’s exterior design a thorough re-working to make it as close to indistinguishable from the Toyota variant as possible. The results of the alterations are sure to be fascinating!

The Naples car dealer is unsure whether or not this sports coupe will make it to their dealership or to the United States, but they are hopeful because they love the 216A. As they wait for more information on the FT-86 variant, they still have a great selection of other vehicles available. Stop in and talk to one of their inviting and knowledgeable sales staff today!