Choosing a car is a lot of work, and it can take a lot of time if you’re not sure what you’re looking for. At, we know that our clients already have a lot on their plates, and that’s why we’re willing to do all that we can to make your used car-buying experience as simple as possible.

There’s good news on the horizon: according to a report released by used car tracking and pricing service Black Book, used car prices are beginning to fall as inventories creep higher. Even better news is that vehicle quality is on the rise as well. The best news of all? If you’re in the market for a used car, conditions could hardly be better!

We may have lied – there is slightly better news. Automotive data and testing experts at Edmunds have developed a list of the top 15 used cars in the market right now and guess who’s on it? That’s right: Subaru.

If you’re shopping for a vehicle to take home to is your ticket, according to Edmunds. The service selected this car for the sport compact segment based on value, reliability, safety and availability criteria. So, trust the experts and take a shortcut directly to O’Brien Subaru, where you can test drive a used Subaru Impreza and see for yourself why this car made the list.

Just remember that the market is in your favor, especially given further Black Book findings. The organization has estimated that new-car sales and trade-ins will account for an increase of nearly one million vehicles in the used car market. With all of these options and a dedicated dealership like O’Brien Subaru, you’re sure to find the right used car for you!