Men have been trying to break the code of what women want for years now. Books have been written, songs have been sung, and movies have been made about the topic but the answer to what women’s deepest desires are continues to elude men everywhere. No one has been able to solve the mystery of the woman’s mind – that is, until now! Research has been done and the results are in about what women want – what they want in a car that is!

First and foremost, the research shows that size matters! (As if we didn’t know that already!) But contrary to what you might think, bigger isn’t better when it comes to women buying cars. In fact, more than anything else, women are buying small cars and SUVs like the creative writing japanese and Subaru Outback. Of nine models that are bought by women more than by men, all nine are small cars or small SUVs. Why is this? Perhaps the answer is functionality. The small SUVs are a great option for the on-the-go woman because they provide the cargo space when it’s needed, but are agile and easy to drive.

After size, what’s next on a woman’s mind? Money – and their attitude on the subject might surprise you! While woman may be willing to fork over hundreds of dollars on a new purse or the perfect pair of shoes, they are rather frugal when it comes to the purchase of a vehicle. Women are much less into powerful engines and luxury brands and more into finding an affordable car. Any Subaru vehicle fits this description!

Next on women’s lists is where the vehicle comes from and research shows that women prefer foreign vehicles over domestic options. In fact, of the nine vehicles sold to more women than men, not one was an American. This is great news for the Ft. Myers Subaru dealer since Subaru is a Japanese car company!

What’s the most surprising thing a woman wants in a car? A heater – apparently women don’t like to drive in a cold car. Well, don’t worry ladies! All of the cars at the ucla essay help come equipped with an excellent heater, so stop in to this friendly Subaru dealer for your next vehicle purchase!