Subaru vehicles offer drivers with a lot when it comes to features and safety. These vehicles also often provide you options when it comes to your powertrain. However, not all drivers understand what different engines offer you. As your Ft. Myers, FL Subaru dealer, we want to give you the most information possible, so we’re sharing a quick Subaru engine guide.

Subaru vehicles use flat, sometimes called boxer engines, which sets them apart from many other car manufacturers. So, while the 2019 Subaru Outback comes standard with a 2.5-liter flat four engine that makes 175 horsepower, it’s not the same as a car that uses an inline four-cylinder engine.

The difference between these two engines is in the construction and output. An inline four-cylinder engine houses the pistons in a line from front to back. Meanwhile, the boxer, or flat engine, position the pistons horizontally, laying them flat. Boxer engines provide a lower center of gravity which in turn typically includes better safety and driving dynamics.

When it comes to engine sizes, larger engines usually offer more power and torque, the two factors that determine how fast you can go and how quickly you can get up to speed. The caveat is that larger engines require more energy to operate and use up more gasoline. So, while you will get a faster car with the flat-six engine on the Subaru Outback, you’ll also make more frequent trips to the gas station.

When it comes to picking an engine, take into account your needs as well as your budget and the environment. A four-cylinder is better for both your budget and gas mileage while a flat-six gives you more power. To really understand the difference, stop by our Fort Myers Subaru dealership today for a test drive.